Work with Local Businesses

Work With Local Businesses

I have worked with some local businesses around me, setting up some websites, doing game server administration and generally troubleshooting their bugs. All of our clients have been satisfied and have ensured us they will recommend our name to others.

The websites are often checked up on, with my meeting every 3 months policy always upheld.

AvantiaMC Gaming Network


AvantiaMC was our prestigious gaming network that gained multiple tens of players every single day. The brand, logo, website and more were all expertly designed by the CEO of LJBTech, as well as the servers themselves were kept up to date.

Some examples of our website / logo work with AvantiaMC:

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“AvantiaMC was an expertly designed server that provided many great opportunities towards myself and my friends playing on here!” – CreeperAttack117, Former Admin

“I cannot believe I’ve found such a professional brand, inside a game often regarded for children / teens” – LegitDylan7, Former Moderation Team


So, as you are able to see, AvantiaMC was a huge success and has started as the rock that we built the church off of. We put hours of effort into this project, and I hope this reflects in our client work also.




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