LJBTech is a new freelance development company that specialises in website development, game server setups and social media administration.

We combine ambitious leadership with strong, quality content to provide the best service for our customers. We provide a professional, comprehensive service that will enhance your business.


Our quality game server setups provide enjoyment and profit for your servers worldwide!
The websites we create ensure your company will be respected in the professional business world.







Where do we operate?

LJBTech is based in Scotland and our services can be utilised by anyone, anywhere on the globe! Just simply send me an email at lewis@ljbtech.com!

The Aim of LJBTech

LJBTech is run by a high school student looking to help others create quality websites and use his love for Computing to a good cause! All of our work has 100% effort and quality put into it! All the content on this website will be part of my portfolio.

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